Innovative. Automated. Intelligent.

CrowdClix is a revolutionary cross-promotion platform that gives businesses the power to connect with each other to thank and reward their customers with real-time local offers. Our technology creates a seamless network of complementary businesses to expand brand reach, increase customer loyalty and create goodwill. 

For example, a gym check-in lands your member a free drink to the coffee shop next door. Or, maybe a customer oil change comes with a free breakfast sandwich at the local café.

"I've spent over 20 years in the automotive industry and I have not seen a marketing tool as effective at creating happy customers as the CrowdClix platform.

Teaming with CrowdClix has been a fantastic move for our customers, business, and employees, and I would encourage anyone looking to bring their customer experience to another level to use the CrowdClix platform."

- Kevin Wagner, Service Director at Vinart Dealerships

Thank your customers and increase customer happiness and loyalty.

Add Customers

Simply upload your email database or integrate using our APIs for real-time engagement. CrowdClix can act as a stand-alone surprise and delight loyalty program, but we love working with existing loyalty and marketing technologies to deliver the ultimate in customer experience!

Add Offers

Easily create exclusive offers to encourage repeat visits or to drive new traffic. You have complete control of your offers using our fully secure offer inventory system. Don't worry if you don't have anything cool to give out, our network will automatically connect you with other complementary businesses and their offers!


Sit back and relax. CrowdClix is fully automated and intelligent, so you don't have to worry about creating campaigns. Automated offers can be either scheduled or triggered by real-time customer check-ins that are delivered via email, in-app notifications or text...creating a completely frictionless and engaging customer experience.

“Amid a growing array of devices, channels, approaches, and data points, surprise and delight is emerging as a complex and elusive equation.”   -, 2016

Become a merchant partner and give out the goodies.


Join our network and claim your business. Once you're approved, you'll instantly be connected with other complementary local businesses that are interested in giving out your offers to their customers.

Add Offers

Create some awesome offers that will inspire locally active consumers to come visit your store! You're in total control with our fully secure offer inventory system. Simply decide how many of each offer you want to give out and you're done.


Once your offers are posted live, they'll be available for immediate distribution throughout our network. There's no need to do anything...CrowdClix is set and forget!

A little about us.

Our Mission

CrowdClix is transforming the way businesses reach and engage local consumers through the smartest cross-promotion platform on the planet.

Our Focus

CrowdClix was designed to connect businesses and drive foot traffic. We focus on businesses that want to thank or reward their large customer base and surrounding local merchants with cool stuff to offer.

Our Team

We are a lean, smart and extremely passionate team focused on leveraging technology to change the way businesses and their customers interact with each other.